Fireplace Repair

"We pride ourselves in being the GTA's most successful refurbishing experts." 

Gas fireplaces need to be serviced on a regular basis. Often when not properly maintained, fireplaces just like other appliances can break down.

Our skilled technicians are licenced, expertly trained and experienced to diagnose any problem your gas fireplace may be having. With this expertise, we are able to determine what is causing your unit to malfunction. 

imageAn Expert always comes prepared for the job with an inventory of parts on hand. If a return visit is required, our customers pay only the cost of the part and the labour to repair the fireplace. We pride ourselves on being the GTA's most successful refurbishing experts. Most often we are able to bring units back to life as they were intended to be.

Rarely units need an entire fireplace replacement, however, should you choose to purchase a new unit through us, we will credit the cost of the original service call.

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