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Fireplace Installation in Toronto & GTA

If you’re maintaining your gas fireplace properly, you’re assured of many years of performance. With the Fireplace Experts, you can be sure that regular maintenance and service will keep your gas fireplace in great shape. If your home-building or renovation plans include an efficient gas fireplace, take some time to plan the installation so that the fireplace can effectively contribute to your heating needs. Install the fireplace in a part of the house where it will be visually attractive and where you and your family spend most of your time and will benefit the most from its warmth. This is usually on the main floor, in your family room, dining room, living room or kitchen.

While we also provide gas fireplace installation in Toronto, a new unit isn’t always the best option. The best approach is to consult an experienced fireplace expert, allow for a thorough assessment, and make required repairs. Our priority is fireplace safety. With regular service maintenance, our gas-licensed technicians diagnose your fireplace issues and offer solutions for repair (the repair option is always first before the replacement option).

Providing Fireplace Installation in Toronto & GTA

When you’re ready for a new gas fireplace, the Fireplace Experts can be of service from purchase to installation. We only sell fireplace brands that we trust and that we believe stand the test of time. For gas fireplace installation in Toronto, it’s important to have the work done expertly. At the Fireplace Experts, we focus on safety and performance. Installing a fireplace is not a DIY task – it needs knowledge, expertise, and a licensed professional. Our in-house technicians are TSSA Certified and experienced with a wide range of brand name fireplaces. We make every effort to ensure your comfort and safety, while providing the most professional installations.

100% Guaranteed Installation From the Fireplace Experts

When it comes to fireplace installation in Toronto, a professional approach is the only approach. A certified technician must install your gas fireplace, and with the Fireplace Experts you can be sure of expert installation that’s guaranteed for safety and longevity. For us, customer satisfaction is at the top of the list and our work and feedback demonstrates it.

The Cost of Installing a Brand New Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplace installation costs vary with the type and brand of unit purchased. We do in home assessments to  insure that you choose the right fireplace for your home needs. However, if you do require a new unit, we can recommend the best options to meet your needs.

Can a Gas Fireplace be Safely Installed on an Interior Wall?

Today, a gas fireplace can be placed virtually anywhere in the home. However, it’s best to work with a professional to determine the best location for the unit. Here, it’s important to consider the physical space, the family’s needs, and the aesthetics. That is where our home assessment can become very valuable as we can help determine what options are available and best for your and your home. Depending on your budget, a gas fireplace can be a very cost-effective addition, and with great benefits. You can improve your home’s energy efficiency, save money on heating costs, all while burning clean natural gas (with few polluting particulates).

Does a Gas Fireplace Require Venting?

Gas fireplace venting is critical for both performance and safety. In fact, with any unit, there are manufacturer-specified requirements for venting. This is where a professional installer is essential in order to ensure the utmost safety for residents. At the Fireplace Experts, we provide an onsite visit to determine the specific needs of your fireplace. This installation assessment allows us to plan strategically for the best possible venting. By any definition, this is not the time for a DIY installation.

When purchasing a new gas fireplace, we will recommend the best venting for the unit that’s purchased. Here again, there is no alternative for a professional install. This guarantees optimum performance for the unit, and maximum home safety.

gas fireplace installation

The layout of your house will affect the fireplace’s ability to provide heat to other areas of the house. If you are building a new home, consider a layout that focuses on the fireplace. An open design, with few walls separating rooms on the main floor, will allow heat to move from the fireplace area to other rooms. An accessible stairwell will also allow the heat to move upstairs. Efficient natural gas fireplaces can effectively lower heating costs and improve comfort levels in homes heated by electric baseboards. The baseboards in remote rooms can keep those areas at acceptable temperatures, effectively “zoning” the house, with the gas fireplace providing most of the “comfort” heat for the rest of the home. A properly located and well-designed fireplace can meet over half the conventional heating demands of a standard house while providing a visually appealing and comfortable atmosphere.

Why it’s Better to Choose the Fireplace Experts

If you’re looking for gas fireplace installation in Toronto, you can trust the Fireplace Experts for professional, manufacturer-specified installations. Beyond installing new units, we also provide firepalce maintenance, service and refurbishment for existing gas fireplaces or gas fireplace stoves. As one of Toronto’s most highly referred service providers, we know our business. Our expert technicians service practically every brand name, and can troubleshoot your fireplace issues, while offering viable solutions to guarantee performance.

The Fireplace Experts provide professional fireplace installation in Toronto and in the GTA. We specialize in all types of gas fireplaces. Our technicians are trained and licensed. And above all, our work is guaranteed and your personal safety assured.


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