York Mills Fireplace Repair and Maintenance

For reliable fireplace service in York Mills, fireplace repair and maintenance is provided by the Fireplace Experts. Our team of professionals specializes in gas fireplaces - service, repair, and cleaning. The priority is always about the safety and optimal functioning of your fireplace. We inspect for operational problems and anything that could pose some risk and danger for the residents.

In York Mills, fireplace repair and maintenance from the Fireplace Experts, is also about customer satisfaction. We believe in our services and that fireplaces can last you for many years. However, if you’re in the market for a new one, we can help guide you and will professionally install it for you and then provide service and maintenance from then on.

For York Mills fireplace repair and maintenance, choose a licensed technician

Like other gas-powered appliances, your gas fireplace requires a licensed TSSA technician for any repairs or installations. The truth is, only a certified TSSA technician should be doing any work on a gas fireplace. An unqualified service person could compromise performance and even create some safety risks. In short, a gas fireplace should be serviced and maintained by a professional.

To ensure safety, gas fireplaces require a carbon monoxide (CO) detector to be in proximity of the gas fireplace. If you are experiencing problems with your fireplace, you should take this as a warning sign and shut off your unit right away. After your service call is arranged, an experienced technician will provide you with a complete overview and your next steps for repair.

In York Mills, our fireplace repair and maintenance services fix and optimize many problems, the most common being the following issues:

  • overheating situations OR low-level flames
  • misfiring of the pilot light OR ignition failure
  • pilot light works – but burners do not ignite

With fireplace repairs and maintenance, a professional approach is required

With a gas fireplace, you’re best off having regular and ongoing maintenance from season to season as problems could arise when not properly maintained or regularly serviced. Wear and tear can also diminish the lifespan of your unit at a quicker pace. That being said, The Fireplace Experts offer a complete 10-Step Preventative Maintenance Plan. Having them perform this process will help give you peace of mind and maintain the longevity of your gas fireplace. This will assure optimum performance for the fireplace, and keep it clean and good-looking throughout the year. Preventive maintenance also avoids impending problems, and costly repairs in future.

The 10-Step Preventative Maintenance Plan from the Fireplace Experts makes for a stress-free experience with the best results. Your fireplace will operate efficiently. Gas consumption will be optimized. And everything will be working safely. Essentially, that’s our professional approach.

  • clean away debris and recondition glass
  • inspection/assessment of the gasket seal
  • inspect/clean pilot assembly and burners
  • cleaning of control compartment/firebox
  • test safety shut off and ensure operation
  • check/confirm there is no ignition delay
  • inspection/cleaning of the burner system
  • reconstruct the ember-beds/check safety
  • unit general maintenance and fire unit test
  • check the on/off switch; thermostat; remote

Choose the Fireplace Experts instead of a do-it-yourself approach

By any definition, a professional approach to fireplace maintenance is much preferred over a DIY approach. A DIY approach may be perfectly safe for a task like putting up wallpaper, however, when dealing with your natural gas, always contact a licensed professional - or better yet an expert at Fireplace Experts. In York Mills, fireplace repair and maintenance is readily provided by the Fireplace Experts. We’ll identify problems and issues early on, and provide a viable remedy right on the spot. Call us at 416.897.5643 or visit the company website at www.fireplaceexperts.ca.

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