Gas Fireplace Repairs, Service & Maintenance in Etobicoke 

If you’re looking for gas fireplace repair or maintenance in Etobicoke, the Fireplace Experts can provide professional gas fireplace service, repairs, and cleaning. While nothing beats the comfort of a warm fireplace, everything has to be safe and up to code – anything less can be problematic (and even dangerous) for occupants. With the Fireplace Experts, you can be sure that safety is a top priority. Should it be time to install a brand new fireplace, we can provide the most up-to-date technology and the latest designs to improve the aesthetics of your home and potentially increase your home value.

What are some common reasons for fireplace repairs or servicing in Etobicoke?

As with most gas appliances, only TSSA licensed gas technicians are certified to repair and install gas fireplaces in Etobicoke. If you’ve had anyone but an experienced and certified technician work on your fireplace, your unit may not perform accordingly. Like other home appliances and mechanical systems, regular maintenance is vital for performance and longevity. With gas fireplaces in particular, a carbon monoxide detector must be installed and operational in the same vicinity as the fireplace. More than that, a gas fireplace that is well maintained also shows well when selling the home and often increases home value and interest.

In most cases, a fireplace malfunction should be considered a warning sign – and with safety as a priority, the unit should be turned off. Then it’s time to contact the Fireplace Experts for a visit.

In Etobicoke, homeowners count on the Fireplace Experts for full service on a range of issues, problems, and breakdowns.

When a gas fireplace is not properly maintained on a regular basis (and by an Expert ) a number of issues can materialize:

  • low level flames or extreme heat conditions
  • pilot light ignition is misfiring or no ignition
  • pilot light working but burners won’t ignite

Frequently asked questions about fireplace repair or maintenance

In general, all gas fireplaces are equipped with safety features and must be TSSA approved (the Technical Standards and Safety Authority). The TSSA promotes public safety, while enforcing safety standards. The Fireplace Experts are regulated and listed as a TSSA registered contractor.

Are gas fireplaces considered safe?

TSSA approved gas fireplaces are verified as safe for use in Canada. While not all fireplaces are built alike, Canadian approved fireplaces adhere to Canadian safety requirements/regulations. When purchasing, the Fireplace Experts can assess your needs and advise on the best options.

How often should I have my gas fireplace serviced?

The frequency of fireplace servicing and maintenance depends on the unit itself and the usage pattern. Much like a home furnace or air conditioner, you should contract a qualified technician to perform a maintenance check-up at the start of the heating season (and make needed repairs).

Can a fan device be installed?

Depending on the gas fireplace unit, some fan devices are optional and some fans are standard. During a routine service call, let your Expert know so that they may recommend the best option for you (where possible). Whatever the case, fan installation should only be undertaken by a qualified Expert.

Can the pilot light be off?

While the pilot light can be safely left burning all year, it can also be turned off during summer. Leaving the pilot light on actually helps to minimize moisture accumulation inside the firebox and limits the probability of insects blocking the flow of gas when you’re ready to use your unit. For peace of mind, book a preventative maintenance service with the Fireplace Experts at the start and end of each heating season to ensure a smooth transition.

What is the white film on my glass?

Gas fireplaces often present a white film deposit over time (on the glass or inside the firebox). This may be a normal sign of wear. Gas fireplaces emit a bi-product of combustion and will usually continue to deposit throughout the heating season. This can be a sign that your fireplace requires service.

A step-by-step approach to gas fireplace maintenance

In arranging for regular fireplace repair or maintenance, the best option overall is an annual maintenance package. In Etobicoke, the Fireplace Experts offer a unique 10-Step Preventative Maintenance package to keep your gas fireplace looking great and performing at peak ultimately preventing costly repairs down the road.

The PM service package makes sure that your fireplace is operating efficiently and safely under optimum conditions. In fact, proper annual maintenance also ensures controlled gas consumption, without any wastage. With the Fireplace Experts, it’s all stress free.

  • inspection of the glass and the gasket seal
  • clean and condition the glass of any debris
  • clean the firebox and control compartment
  • inspect and clean pilot assembly/burners
  • test the safety shut off to ensure operation
  • complete inspection and cleaning of burner
  • check the system to be free of ignition delay
  • reconstruct ember-beds/check for safety
  • check remote, thermostat, on/off switch
  • finish off maintenance by testing fire unit

Choosing the Fireplace Experts over a DIY approach in Etobicoke

For many homeowners, a DIY approach might save some money, but with gas appliances things should be left to the Experts. For fireplace repair or maintenance, the Fireplace Experts provide professional service from a team of experienced and trained technicians. We offer excellent customer service and expert advice on getting the very best performance out of your gas fireplace.

With regular preventive maintenance in Etobicoke, fireplace problems are identified early and resolved before becoming bigger and more expensive. Get things started with the Fireplace Experts by calling 416.897.5643 or visiting our website at www.fireplaceexperts.ca . We can provide you with fireplace maintenance, fireplace repairs, and even installation.

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