Fireplace Repair, Service & Maintenance in Roncesvalles

If you’re searching around for fireplace repair, service and maintenance in Roncesvalles, you can count on the Fireplace Experts for the complete package. Winter is here, and the ultimate luxury is lounging in front of a warm, cozy fireplace. However, it’s important that everything works safely. This is where expert maintenance comes in – to avert mechanical issues and prevent the potential for dangerous situations.

For fireplace repair, service and maintenance in Roncesvalles, the Fireplace Experts focus on both the performance and safety. A properly maintained fireplace is going to be more energy efficient and more fuel-efficient. If it’s time for a new unit, our people can help you to choose the best model for your needs. More than that, the Fireplace Experts can provide a professional, comprehensive installation of it as well.

For fireplace repair, service and maintenance in Roncesvalles

By any definition, a gas fireplace must be serviced by a professional. This is not a good time to take shortcuts - a qualified TSSA technician must do the work. Another thing that is important in a residential home, is to install a proper CO detector (Carbon Monoxide) in close proximity of the operating gas fireplace unit.

By neglecting service maintenance (or pushing it to the next season), your gas fireplace will suffer from regular wear and tear year after year. At a time when you experience a malfunction, it’s a warning sign that something is not right. This would be the right time to shut down the fireplace unit and call for assistance.

Regular seasonal fireplace maintenance is about having peace of mind. With seasonal service from the Fireplace Experts, you can rest assured that your fireplace is operating optimally and safely. Our qualified technicians are experienced with many types of operational issue and mechanical problems.

  • flames are low burning
  • pilot light is misfiring
  • fireplace is overheating
  • ignition malfunctioning
  • burners are not igniting

A 10-Point Maintenance Service Plan from the Fireplace Experts

For fireplace repair, service and maintenance in Roncesvalles, the 10-Point Maintenance Plan from the Fireplace Experts is an ideal. We will optimize the performance of your unit; we will ensure that everything is safe; and we will troubleshoot to prevent potential problems from emerging.

  1.          Inspect and clean the pilot light and burners
  2.          Check the switches, thermostat, and remote
  3.          Inspection of the safety shut-off mechanism
  4.          Fully clean and condition all fireplace glass
  5.          Inspect ignition/ensure there are no delays
  6.          Clean the control compartment and firebox
  7.          Complete reconstruction of the ember-beds
  8.          Inspection and assessment of the gasket seal
  9.          Inspection and complete cleaning of burners
  10.        General overall unit maintenance - final test

It’s far better to go with professional maintenance than a DIY approach

Gas appliances require a TSSA technician to provide service maintenance. This is not the right time to save money by trying out a DIY (do-it-yourself) approach. Dealing with a gas fireplace is not as simple as dealing with other appliances in your home. Gas appliances can be extremely dangerous to work with. That being said, be safe and call the Fireplace Experts!

For fireplace repair, service and maintenance in Roncesvalles, the Fireplace Experts provide you with a qualified and experienced gas fireplace technician. Find out more by booking an appointment at 416-897-5643.

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