For Fireplace Repair, Service and Maintenance in the Bridal Path, You Can Count on the Fireplace Experts

If you’re currently looking for fireplace repair, service and maintenance in the Bridal Path, the Fireplace Experts can provide you with end-to-end service. Nothing beats a cozy fireplace – as long as everything remains safe. With our professional services, you can prevent mechanical problems from developing, and avoid potential dangers for the family.

Safety is always a priority for the Fireplace Experts when it comes to service and maintenance. We make sure that you have the safest unit in your home. In addition, if you’re in search of a brand new unit, and don’t know where to start, we can help you with that and its maintenance from then on. Overall, You can count on the Fireplace Experts for a professional install.

Fireplace Repair, Service and Maintenance in the Bridle Path

All gas appliances should be professionally serviced - an accredited TSSA technician should be on the job. To ensure safety, a gas fireplace should also have a CO detector (carbon monoxide) installed close to the unit. In the event of a fireplace malfunction, consider this a “warning sign” and shut off the unit right away. This is also a good opportunity to have the Fireplace Experts provide a complete assessment. After all, your fireplace can suffer from a lot of wear and tear throughout the years. We can provide service maintenance for unit malfunctions, operational problems, and mechanical issues:

  • when burners won’t ignite properly
  • if you notice the flames are low-level
  • if the pilot light misfires or fully fails
  • if there’s any type of ignition failure
  • when there’s a pilot light malfunction
  • if you notice the fireplace overheating

The Fireplace Experts Offer a 10-Point Preventive Maintenance Plan

If you’re looking for fireplace repair, service and maintenance in the Bridal Path, the Fireplace Experts offer a 10-Point Preventive Maintenance Plan. We will optimize the fireplace’s performance, ensure that everything is working safely, and troubleshoot problems that may cause potential future issues.

Our 10-Point Maintenance Plan covers all of the operational components. You’ll notice much better gas consumption and less energy waste. We provide professional maintenance, expert advice on operation procedures, and valuable recommendations for maintaining performance all year round. With this system, you will be given complete peace of mind.

  • pilot light and burners inspected/cleaned

  • inspection of the safety shut-off mechanism

  • the burners are fully inspected and cleaned

  • inspect and ensure there’s no ignition delay

  • reconstruct the ember-beds (safety check)

  • general maintenance/complete unit test

  • check the thermostat, switches, and remote

  • fireplace glass is conditioned and cleaned

  • inspect/assess integrity of the gasket seal

  • cleaning firebox and control compartment

Choosing Professional Service over Do-It-Yourself Service

If you’re looking for fireplace repair, service and maintenance in the Bridal Path, it’s important to choose a professional service company. A do-it-yourself service (or unqualified service providers) can pose a danger with a complex appliance like a gas fireplace. Sure, DIY can be perfectly safe when fixing or repairing other parts of your home (ex. painting your walls). However, when it comes to working with your gas fireplace, only a TSSA technician is qualified for the job. Don’t put yourself at risk and avoid DIY at all costs.
With licensed gas technicians, the Fireplace Experts can provide you with comprehensive fireplace repair, service and maintenance in the Bridal Path. BOOK YOUR SERVICE CALL at 416-897-5643 or visit our website at www.fireplaceexperts.ca.

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