Fireplace Repair & Service in Lawrence Park

If you’re shopping around for fireplace repair and service in Lawrence Park, you can depend on the Fireplace Experts for comprehensive gas fireplace repairs, service, and cleaning. There’s nothing better than a warm, cozy fireplace - but at the same time, everything must be safe and to code. Anything less might pose mechanical problems along with potential dangers for residents.

Providing fireplace repair and service in Lawrence Park, the important focus for the Fireplace Experts is on safety. And when you need a brand new gas fireplace, we can offer you the latest technologies and the most current designs. Having a new fireplace installed allows you to have a fully upgraded system, with improved aesthetics, and with added real estate value to your home.

When the time comes for fireplace repair and service in Lawrence Park

Like any other gas appliance, a gas fireplace needs to be serviced by a TSSA licensed technician. For repairs and installations, only a certified technician should be doing work on a gas fireplace. Anyone unqualified might compromise fireplace performance and even pose some safety risks. For the best results, a gas fireplace should be serviced and maintained by a gas professional.

Primarily for safety, a gas fireplace must have a CO detector in close proximity to the unit. In most situations, any malfunction should be considered a “warning sign”, and the fireplace unit should be shut off. In fact, this would be the ideal time to contact the Fireplace Experts and to arrange for a service assessment. A qualified gas technician will make specific recommendations for a fix.

In the Lawrence Park area, local homeowners can depend on the Fireplace Experts for a range of mechanical issues and malfunctions, each of which should be handled by someone qualified. 

  • ignition failure
  • misfiring pilot light
  • pilot light not working
  • burners do not ignite
  • low-level flames
  • fireplace overheating

A professional approach to fireplace repair and service in Lawrence Park

With a gas fireplace, arranged regular maintenance is the best option for long-term performance. As such, the Fireplace Experts offer an in-depth 10-Step Preventative Maintenance Plan. This is the way to assure peak performance, while keeping the fireplace well maintained from season to season. The fact is, preventive maintenance also avoids costly unforeseen repairs down the road.

The Preventative Maintenance Plan from the Fireplace Experts assures optimum performance and safety. Gas consumption is optimized and energy waste is essentially prevented. With the Fireplace Experts, you are assured of professional maintenance and a stress-free experience.

  • clean all debris and condition the glass
  • inspect/assess the gasket seal and glass
  • clean firebox and control compartment
  • inspect/clean pilot assembly and burners
  • test safety shut-off to ensure full operation
  • inspection and cleaning of burner system
  • make sure that there is no ignition delay
  • reconstruct ember-beds/check for safety
  • general maintenance (with fire unit test)
  • check thermostat - on/off switch – remote

Choosing expert maintenance instead of a do-it-yourself approach

For fireplace repair and service in Lawrence Park, it’s highly recommended to go with an expert approach rather than a DIY approach. While the do-it-yourself approach might have some money saving benefits, the expert approach is much preferred with gas appliances. When you hire the Fireplace Experts, problems and issues are identified quickly and resolved most effectively. Find out more by calling the Fireplace Experts at 416-897-5643 or visiting the company website at www.fireplaceexperts.ca . We do it all - from service, to maintenance, to repairs, to installation.

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