Fireplace Repair, Maintenance & Service in High Park

If you are in need of trustworthy fireplace repair, maintenance, and service in High Park, we can help! The Fireplace Experts includes a team of specialists that are incredibly knowledgeable about gas fireplaces and how to keep them running efficiently for years. Our main priority is to ensure that your fireplace is both safe and functioning to an optimal level. We also thoroughly inspect your unit for any issues that may result in immediate or future safety concerns.

Fireplace repair, maintenance, and service in High Park from us is always about satisfying our customers. We take pride in our services and care about the overall performance of your fireplace. In addition, if you happen to be looking for a new fireplace for your home, we can assist you with that as well as its installation and maintenance afterwards.

A Licensed Specialist is Needed for Fireplace Repair, Maintenance, and Service in High Park

A TSSA Technician is required for all repairs and services involving gas fireplaces. The bottom line is that a licensed technician is the only person that can safely inspect and maintain your gas fireplace. If an unqualified individual is hired for the job, you can risk the entire performance of your fireplace as well as the safety of your household’s residents. Overall, an expert should be the only one servicing your fireplace.

Every gas fireplace needs a carbon monoxide detector to assure your safety as well. If you have noticed issues with your gas fireplace, this could be a sign that it is not functioning properly and should be turned off as soon as possible. This would also be the right time to call a professional who will inspect the issue and advise you on how to move forward with repair.

In High Park, our experts can assist you with a number of problems. Here are some of the most usual issues associated with your gas fireplace:

  • Overheating issues
  • A failed ignition
  • Pilot light errors
  • A pilot light that is functioning normally but a burner that can’t ignite

An Expert Approach is 100% Required when it comes to Fireplace, Repair, Maintenance and Service in High Park

If your gas fireplace isn’t regularly maintained or serviced by a professional every few months, you may risk running into many more problems down the line. The overall lifespan of your gas fireplace can shorten as a result of wear and tear. However, we can help prevent any future problems! The Fireplace Experts provide you with a 10-Step Preventative Maintenance Plan. With this plan, we give you the assurance you need to be confident that your gas fireplace is in good health. As a result, you can count on it to run without any problems throughout the year.

In only 10 steps, you will be provided with a worry-free experience and phenomenal results. Your gas fireplace will run flawlessly with zero-problems. Most importantly, there will be no risk to your safety. This is our overall expert approach:

  1. Make sure any debris is cleaned and all glass is reconditioned
  2. Ensure the gasket seal is thoroughly inspected and assessed
  3. Check that the pilot assembly plus the burners are both cleaned and assessed
  4. Clean the firebox and control compartment
  5. Check that everything is operating correctly and safety is tested
  6. Ensure that ignition is not delayed
  7. Inspect the burner system and clean it
  8. Ensure that the ember-beds are reconstructed and their safety is functional
  9. Conduct unit maintenance and a fire test
  10. Inspect the on and off switch, the remote, plus the thermostat

Contact the Fireplace Experts and Refrain from any kind of DIY Methods

In all cases, figuring out how to repair and service your gas fireplace on your own can be dangerous to your safety. Dealing with your gas-powered unit isn’t the same as dealing with your home’s wallpaper, furniture, or tables. Deciding not to contact a licensed professional can put your life in danger. That is why we are here to provide you with reliable and safe fireplace repair, service, and maintenance in High Park. You can count on the Fireplace Experts to inspect any issues at an earlier stage before they turn into major problems. Contact us at 416.897.5643 or visit us at www.fireplaceexperts.ca for our professional services.

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