For Fireplace Repair, Service and Maintenance in the Annex, it’s the Fireplace Experts

If you’re currently looking for fireplace repair, service and maintenance in the Annex, the Fireplace Experts can provide you with end-to-end service. Nothing beats a cozy, warm fireplace - but everything has to be safe, and anything short could pose mechanical problems and potential danger for everyone. Providing fireplace service in the Annex, the Fireplace Experts always focus on safety.

We can also guide you through buying a new gas fireplace if needed. A new fireplace, with a higher energy efficiency performance may be right for you. Let us know if you need to obtain a new fireplace and we can help you with its installation and maintenance later on as well to ensure safety.

Fireplace repair, service and maintenance in the Annex

Like all gas appliances, a gas fireplace requires service from a TSSA technician. A certified, licensed technician should handle installation or repair. Someone unqualified may compromise performance and may pose a safety risk. For best results, a professional should manage service and maintenance.

For safety reasons, a gas fireplace requires a CO detector (carbon monoxide) in close proximity. A fireplace malfunction should be considered a “warning sign” - and the best option is to shut down the unit. This is the right time to have the Fireplace Experts provide an assessment, with a qualified gas technician.

If you’re a homeowner in the Annex, you can rely on the Fireplace Experts for expert maintenance on all types of mechanical issues and problems.

  • pilot light is misfiring
  • failure of ignition part
  • pilot light malfunction
  • burners will not ignite
  • flames are at low-level
  • fireplace is overheating

An expert approach to fireplace repair, service and maintenance in the Annex

When you own a gas fireplace, regular maintenance is recommended due to the wear and tear that can occur over time. Here, the Fireplace Experts provide a 10-Step Preventive Maintenance Plan that ensures optimum performance and fireplace safety. This preventive approach can help you avoid costly repairs down the road and give you peace of mind. 

The Preventive Maintenance Plan is comprehensive, and covers every aspect of fireplace operation. You’ll notice that gas consumption is better balanced and energy waste is dramatically reduced. With the Fireplace Experts, you’re getting professional maintenance and expert advice on performance.

  • all debris is cleaned – glass is conditioned
  • glass/gasket seal are inspected/assessed
  • firebox/control compartment are cleaned
  • pilot assembly/burners inspected/cleaned safety shut-off is inspected for operation
  • burner system is fully inspected/cleaned
  • the technician ensures no ignition delay
  • reconstruct the ember-beds/check safety
  • overall maintenance (plus fire unit test)
  • check on/off switch – remote – thermostat

Choosing a professional approach instead of a DIY approach

For fireplace repair, service and maintenance in the Annex, a professional approach is far better than a DIY approach. A DIY approach is dangerous and can compromise the health of those involved. Working with gas appliances is not a simple task and expert maintenance is necessary. With the Fireplace Experts, issues and problems are readily identified and quickly resolved. If you require fireplace repair, service and maintenance in the Annex, call the Fireplace Experts directly at 416-897-5643 or visit the company’s website at www.fireplaceexperts.ca. We can do it all for you - from servicing, to repairs, to installation. And most importantly, our focus is on heating your home safely. BOOK YOUR SERVICE CALL TODAY!

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