As with any appliance, it pays to play it safe around your gas fireplace.

  • Do not store combustible materials, gasoline or other flammable liquids near your fireplace.
  • Have your fireplace installed out of the way of foot traffic and away from furniture and draperies.
  • Gas fireplaces with glass doors should not be operated if glass is cracked or broken
  • Have your Fireplace Expert perform our Preventative Maintenance Service yearly to ensure proper and safe functioning of your gas fireplace.

Keep your kids safe around the gas fireplace with these tips and products.

1. Keep Watch 

Children should be carefully supervised when they are in a room with a fireplace. The glass insert surrounding your fireplace can quickly heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Once turned off, it may take more than 45 minutes to cool down.

2. Don’t Touch

Always make sure your children know they should never touch a fireplace’s glass panels. We recommend purchasing a glass screen for your fireplace that helps to prevent accidental burns by creating a barrier between your child and the gas fireplace.

3. Hearth Safety

Parents concerned about toddlers hurting themselves on the surfaces of a fireplace hearth may want to consider installing a fire-resistant hearth guard (cushioned strip). Call us for pricing.

For more Safety Tips & Advice please visit the Canadian Standards Association and Hearth, Patio, Barbecue Association.